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1.Man of Will (2017)
Released • October 19, 2017 • Drama / History
Young Kim Chang-Soo is placed behind bars, charged with murdering a Japanese person who took part in Empress Myeongseong's assassination. In prison, Kim Chang-Soo sees how Koreans are persecuted...
2.The Fortress (2017)
Released • October 3, 2017 • Drama / History / War
In 1636, the Qing dynasty attacks Joseon. King Injo and his retainers, including Choi Myung-kil and Kim Sang-hun, hide in the mountain fortress city of Namhansanseong. They are isolated from the...
 7.3/10 720p1
3.Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House (2017)
Released • September 29, 2017 • Drama / History / Thriller
The story of Mark Felt, who under the name "Deep Throat" helped journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein uncover the Watergate scandal in 1972.
 6.3/10 Low1
4.Victoria and Abdul (2017)
Released • September 14, 2017 • Drama / History
Queen Victoria strikes up an unlikely friendship with a young Indian clerk named Abdul Karim.
 6.9/10 1080p34
5.Daddy (2017)
Released • September 8, 2017 • Crime / Drama / History
Set in the 70's era of Mumbai and raised in the impoverished dagdi chawl's, mill worker Arun Gulab Gawli rises to the position of a dreaded don, a politician and ultimately becomes the chief...
 6.4/10 720p12
6.Temple (2017)
Released • September 1, 2017 • History / Horror
Three American tourists follow a mysterious map deep into the jungles of Japan searching for an ancient temple. When spirits entrap them, their adventure quickly becomes a horrific nightmare.
 3.7/10 1080p21